4 Questions to Ask Your Sport Medicine Doctor

4 Questions to Ask Your Sport Medicine Doctor

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Sports Medicine Doctor Near Me in Medina, OH
Sports Medicine Doctor Near Me in Medina, OH

What can a sports medicine doctor do?

A sports medicine doctor specializes in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of assorted injuries caused by sports and other types of exercise. While their name suggests they focus on the treatment of athletes, they can work with any individual who has been injured or is at risk of injury from activity. Sports medicine doctors are specially trained to quickly diagnose and treat an injury that has been sustained to get the individual back on their feet and able to participate again. Sports medicine doctors not only treat injuries, they also work with the patient on injury prevention to ensure they don’t reinjure themselves, as well as how to properly care for the injury for optimal healing and recovery. They are able to work with their patients on a recovery and injury prevention program that includes strength-training to build strength where there may be weakness. By balancing out the strength among the muscles in the body, it keeps the stress from exercise spread evenly across the muscles and prevents injury.

What is the difference between sports medicine and orthopedics?

Sports medicine doctors and orthopedic surgeons are both trained to be experts in the body’s musculoskeletal system. However, they are trained on different treatment options with orthopedic surgeons focused on the treatment of injuries through surgical methods and sports medicine doctors focused on non-surgical treatments as well as the prevention of injuries. Sports medicine doctors can also offer a second opinion for proposed surgical treatments and potentially offer non-surgical solutions that focus on identifying the root cause of the issue and fix it through rehabilitation and strength training. Sports medicine doctors are also trained in treatment of additional non-orthopedic conditions such as exercise-induced asthma, concussions and asthma that orthopedic surgeons aren’t trained in.

Where possible, surgical treatment should be a last resort due to the invasiveness of surgical procedures and the long recovery time, not to mention time off work or school and time away from sports and exercise during recovery.

What does a sport medicine clinic treat?

Sports medicine doctors don’t just diagnose and treat sports related injuries, they also help their patients in the prevention and management of sports related injuries and illnesses. Their services are not just for athletes but any active person at risk of an illness or injury related to an active lifestyle, or anyone who has sustained an injury or illness from participation in sports or exercise. On the physical injury side, they can help with concussions, sprains, strains, non-surgical fractures, dislocations, tendonitis, overuse injuries, ligament and cartilage injuries and many more. They can also diagnose, treat and help with prevention of exercise-induced asthma, eating disorders related to exercise, nutrition and supplement issues, heat illness, impact of diabetes in sports and other health conditions or issues not related to the physical activity of exercise or sports participation. Sports medicine doctors are able to diagnose muscle weaknesses or imbalances and build a strength training plan for their patients to help strengthen and create balance in the muscles to avoid injury.

When should I visit a sports medicine clinic?

You should visit a sports medicine clinic anytime you have an injury that is related to participation in sports or exercise as they will be able to diagnose and properly treat you. If you are an active person who exercises or participates in sports regularly, it is not a bad idea to work with a sports medicine doctor on an injury prevention plan instead of waiting until you are injured. They can help you identify any weaknesses or potential areas for injury and build out a preventative exercise plan for you to balance out any imbalances and provide additional education on proper exercise technique and body position. They can also help if you have a history of sports injuries or illness associated with exercise such as exercise-induced asthma. If you are an active individual, it is a good idea to include a sports medicine doctor as part of your health care team.

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